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Dec 2018

Aunties let loose in Uppermill! Wishing all our children and parents a happy Christmas and a blessed 2019. See you all on Tuesday 8th January 2019 x

aunties let loose at newbold playgroup 2018

24th Dec 2018

A big well done to the Playgroup team and all the children today. Your nativity was fantastic! You all looked lovely in your costumes and you sang so beautifully. We are all very proud of you x x

newbold playgroup nativity 2018 newbold playgroup nativity 2018
newbold playgroup nativity 2018 newbold playgroup nativity 2018
newbold playgroup nativity 2018 newbold playgroup nativity 2018
newbold playgroup nativity 2018

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13th Dec 2018

Nov 2018

newbold playgroup at gordon riggs

newbold playgroup at gordon riggs

newbold playgroup at gordon riggs

newbold playgroup at gordon riggs

The playgroup children had a lovely time at their annual Christmas trip to Gordon Rigg’s Garden Centre yesterday. Here they are looking very festive.

28th Nov 2018

The children have been working very hard to bring you this year’s Nativity. We would love to see you there

come to the stable at newbold playgroup 2018

27th Nov 2018

newbold playgroup's poppies 2018

I have a little poppy
As red as red can be
To show that I remember
Those who fought to make me free.

9th Nov 2018

bonfire night themed activities at newbold community playgroup

The playgroup children have had an exciting bonfire night themed week of activities. Great fun had by all!

7th Nov 2018

5th nov - bonfire night

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot!’ Have a great bonfire night tonight and stay safe

5th Nov 2018

science and smiles

Combinations of vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, food colouring, water, balloons and washing up liquid produced science and smiles at Playgroup this morning.

A big thankyou to Paul Goodwin for coming and turning our Playgroup children into little scientists!

2nd Nov 2018

Oct 2018

playgroup returns after holiday

26th Oct 2018

playgroup children made and painted clay hedgehogs

This morning our playgroup children have made and painted some fabulous clay hedgehogs and helped them to find a cosy, leafy place to hibernate.

They have also learned some crispy, crunchy words to use as they walk through the autumn leaves.

18th Oct 2018

newbold community playgroup closed for half term break

16th Oct 2018

autumn crafts

Here are a few Autumny craft ideas to do at home with your little ones

10th Oct 2018

macmillan cancer support

On Friday, the children raised £30 for Macmillan Cancer Support by decorating cakes and selling them at their coffee morning. Well done playgroup children! We are very proud of you

10th Oct 2018

5 little hedgehogs - a song

This week we have been singing about the 5 little hedgehogs hiding in the leaves. Here are the words so you can join in with your little ones at home.

5th Oct 2018

a very helpful hedgehog - our book for today

2nd Oct 2018

This month our playgroup is joining with Newbold Baptist Church in a food collection project to help people in our local area. This is a project that the children will be able to get involved in, teaching them how to care for people around them. Thankyou for the food donations that have already been brought in

october food collection for needy families

1st Oct 2018

Sep 2018

To welcome the new season, this week the children have been learning a new Autumny song

autumn leaves rhyme

26th Sept 2018

autumn leaves rhyme

13th Sept 2018

A fun filled first day back at playgroup this morning! A big welcome to all our new starters and to our big boys and girls who have done lots of growing over the Summer holidays.

first day back after the summer holidays

10th Sept 2018

new term at newbold community playgroup september 2018

1st Sept 2018

Apr 2018

OFSTED Report:
Children enjoy a range of activities which supports different areas of learning. For example, children enjoy making marks and patterns in trays of glitter, acting out a shop in the role-play area and using a variety of tools in the play dough area. Mathematics is promoted well. Children park their bicycles in numbered bays and are encouraged to count out loud. Staff encourage children and constantly reflect on how they can engage children in learning, based on their interests. They discuss the different properties of vehicles as children consider similarities and differences.

20th April 2018

The sun is peeping out and we can play outside!
We are learning about planting and growing in the warmer weather!

18th April 2018

Mar 2018

OFSTED Report:
All children are progressing well in their learning and development. They are active learners who enjoy choosing resources and leading their own play. They are confident, independent and have very good social skills. Children are well prepared with the key skills they will need for future learning.

23rd March 2018

the first day of spring

The first day of Spring!

20th Mar 2018

OFSTED Report:
Staff teach children about rules and boundaries, good manners and caring for one another. For example, children enthusiastically help to set up the snack area, carrying plates filled with warm toast and jugs of milk. Older children help younger children and there is a great sense of family and belonging. Children's behaviour is superb. Healthy lifestyles and the wider world are promoted. For example, children visit the local garden centre and local supermarket to buy food for snack.

16th Mar 2018

OFSTED Report:
The playgroup is an extremely warm and friendly environment. Staff are excellent role models and nurture the needs of children extremely well. The love and care shown to children is first class. Children are extremely settled and have built close attachments with staff, laughing at their jokes and enjoying being in their company.

9th Mar 2018


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